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What music relaxes you?

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At the risk of losing more ground to Annie Barrett in our battle over who’s cooler (just go ahead and crown her Queen S— of Turd Island already, I can’t compete), I’m admitting that I went to a doo-wop concert Saturday night. My mother thinks I accompanied her because she begged me to, and while it’s true that I wouldn’t have instigated the purchasing of tickets, I knew I’d have fun. Oldies relax me. They’re more than an escape; they’re a time-out. It’s like because they’re from another era, time has to stand still in this one until the music stops.

While I liked Terry Johnson’s Flamingos (“I Only Have Eyes For You”) and Jimmy Beaumont & The Skyliners (“Since I Don’t Have You”), I loved headliners Little Anthony and the Imperials (below, a medley of their hits including “Tears On My Pillow”). They’re celebrating their 50th year in the business and they still sound amazing. Their a cappella version of “Two Kinds of People in the World,” which Ernest Wright wrote after seeing Ava Gardner on a late night show, brought tears to my eyes. I felt so lucky to get a chance to hear them sing it. Apparently, I’m not the only young admirer they’ve got: Little Anthony said Fergie and Alicia Keys are fans. He also said they’re doing Letterman in August to perform a new song.

What’s your musical time-out?