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Describe your ideal 'Office' Games event

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The_office_fun_run_lOn July 19, Mindy Kaling will host The Office Games in Scranton, PA — “a day of fun Dunder Mifflin style” that’ll include a 2K Fun Run (hopefully more successful than the show’s alfredo sauce-laden one, pictured) and a “red and messy” beet-eating contest in honor of Dwight. But if you could devise your own event, what would it be and which Office character would you want to beat? Your hilarious responses could appear on the Feedback Page of an upcoming issue of EW! Be sure to give us your ideas by Thursday, July 3, at noon EDT, and please include your e-mail address in case your submission is chosen for the magazine. I’ll get the ball rolling — make that, I’ll hurl the football across the office at an unsuspecting Pam…

— Create a more awkward dinner party atmosphere than Jan: singing AND dancing elements required
— Survive a Michael Scott windshield wipeout and/or host a solo drinking contest at one’s desk, like Meredith
— Bare-handedly catch fish in a pond, like Creed (or, start a blog in a Word doc — but who hasn’t done that?)

Yours must be better!