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Should I see 'You Don't Mess With the Zohan'?

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Zohan_l_2Wait, wait, don’t have me committed! I’ve been planning on steering as clear as humanly possible from Adam Sandler’s latest attempt to destroy the fine legacy he built with classics like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Another movie based on borderline-homophobic stereotypes, and this time he had the boundless chutzpah to jack his title from a Big Lebowski catchphrase (link very NSFW, but oh so necessary)? No thanks.

Then today I caught sight of an online report (h/t) that Zohan features “a two-pronged attack on Mel Gibson for his anti-Semitic comments of a couple of years ago.” Hmm…as an inveterate Gibson-hater, this certainly appeals to me. Still, I feel like I might have gotten that urge out of my system somewhat by loudly booing every time I saw the Apocalypto trailer in theaters throughout 2006 (true story) and adding a masterful treatment of the Gibson question to my DVD collection. There’s gotta be something more to get me interested in this horrendous-looking Sandler movie. Something like the following revelation from the same report: Gibson’s “movies are used to underscore the neo Nazi rantings of a redneck” — wait for it — “played by rocker Dave Matthews.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Dave Matthews? As a virulently bigoted film buff?! I might be tempted to pay money to see that, just for the head-spinning cognitive dissonance of it all. I can hardly imagine how Dave — that frat-tastic yet politically outspoken bundle of contradictions — interpreted a racist diatribe, let alone a defense of Mel Gibson’s offensively bad oeuvre. Does he play it funny or straight? Does Dave Matthews, the man, the legend, really have a problem with Mel Gibson (as well he should), or was he just going along with the Sandman’s directions? Everything about this casting choice boggles the mind. 

What do you say? Should I take precious time out of my weekend to see this no-doubt-awful movie for that one scene — or just wait til it shows up on YouTube? (Note: Under no circumstances should this be construed as encouraging PopWatchers to bootleg the relevant portion of Zohan with their cameraphones and put it up on YouTube. Don’t do that!)