Shirley Halperin
May 22, 2008 AT 05:53 PM EDT

The season 3 finale of Weeds saw the suburban town of Agrestic decimated by wildfires. Now, series creator Jenji Kohan tells that the show’s theme song “Little Boxes,” the beloved Malvina Reynolds ditty that was reinterpreted by many an indie rock band, is going up in smoke, too. “We rode that pony,” she says. “We sat down and looked at what our show is now, and Nancy [Botwin, played by Mary Louise Parker, pictured] has gotten out of her little box. It just seemed like a

holdover from where we started and I want to get the audience on board to a new

adventure.” Instead, viewers will get “more show” when the Showtime dramedy returns on June 16. “We really simplified the beginning,” says Kohan, “and I know some people are going to be upset, but we feel like it goes with where we’re going. You gotta embrace change at a certain point.”

On a related note, the third installment of the Weeds soundtrack series will street on July 8 and feature tracks by the Dresden Dolls, Ween, cast-member Kevin Nealon (for a sampling of his surprisingly adept banjo skills, click here), and Randy Newman’s season 3 opening version of “Little Boxes.” Next on deck: a compilation of the show’s instrumentals to be released via iTunes on June 10. Get ready for one hazy summer. 

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