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"Sex and the City"'s Magda

“Sex and the City”‘s Magda — Lynn Cohen talks about dealing with all that sex

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The New York theater vet didn’t know what she was in for when she tried out to be Miranda’s Ukrainian cleaning lady, Magda. ”I’ve been married to the same man for 43 years,” explains the Munich star, ”so it’s one thing to audition and — I’ll use the word — find a dildo in the drawer. It’s another thing to be on the set and find a dildo and it’s purple.” Cohen adjusted quickly, but the costume department had some issues: ”My fittings were the most difficult because my stuff had to come from Kmart.” Still, Cohen says Magda gets a style moment in the Sex and the City movie: ”We figured it must have been something that Miranda picked out. It did come from JCPenney, but it’s stylish JCPenney.”