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The spontaneity of Paula Abdul

The spontaneity of Paula Abdul –Why the “Idol” judge rocks

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The spontaneity of Paula Abdul

I’m not going to tell you that Paula Abdul gives any sort of constructive criticism as a judge on American Idol. She never has. She never will. But her weekly cringeworthy comments now stand as the most exciting and highly anticipated moments of a show — and judging panel — that has otherwise become mind-numbingly predictable. We all know Randy has a mental Rolodex of about five responses, while Simon’s mean streak lost its shock value somewhere around Carmen Rasmusen, but Paula? Who knows what the hell she’s going to say? The woman’s semi-coherent crazy talk is exactly what the thrill of live television is all about. That snafu where she evaluated a Jason Castro song before he had even performed it? I watched it six times! That’s five more than for anything any other judge has said all season. The problem with Idol is not Paula, and in her honor, I’ll review next season right here and now by telling you she’s even better.