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"Project Runway" moves to L.A.

“Project Runway” moves to L.A. — A look at what happens when shows move out West

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“Project Runway” moves to L.A.

With the news that Project Runway will move from NYC to L.A. for half of next season, we take a cautionary look at shows that also went Hollywood with less than fierce results.

America’s Next Top Model

Cycle 4 — the first filmed in L.A. — was neither as fun as future campy seasons (hello, snoozy photo shoots!) nor as classy as the first three New York-set cycles.


How could NBC move the sandwich-loving Friend out of a pastrami-filled NYC? Viewers weren’t hungry for an L.A.-based Joey — the spin-off barely lasted two seasons.

The Apprentice

Trump tried in vain to save his aging show by moving it to Cali for season 6. Tent city? No deal. It took his importing celebs back to New York the next year to get The Apprentice back in business.

Happy Days

Fonzie jumped a shark on water skis when visiting L.A. So bad it gave birth to a pop culture term meaning ”irreparable damage.”

Laverne & Shirley

The Happy Days spin-off didn’t learn from the Fonz. The brewery dames got flat when they moved from Milwaukee to Burbank to find Hollywood fame. And whoever heard of a tan Squiggy?

Sex and the City

Good thing Carrie & Co. were eager to escape the Playboy mansion and return to their home base after two West Coast episodes: NYC fashion gets bleached out in the Cali sun. Take note, Tim and Heidi…