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You take Harry Nilsson and a ringtone rapper, and you mix 'em all up...

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How great is it that Tyga‘s new single, “Coconut Juice,” prominently features the rap newcomer belting out the hook from Harry Nilsson’s 1971 hit “Coconut” (a.k.a. “the ‘lime in the coconut’ song”) over some supercharged synths? Very great indeed, say I. That simple sample elevates an otherwise mediocre tune into something I can’t stop listening to — the first 30 seconds or so, anyway. Not sure why no one else seems to be thrilling to this bit of re-appropriative genius yet; as I write this, a Google blogs search for “tyga nilsson” turns up exactly one hit, and it’s a snarky one. I mean, is Tyga into “Coconut” because of Reservoir Dogs? Was the song’s producer just a really big fan of Nixon-era singer-songwriters? Whatever — I’m just happy this happened. (Check out the video — featuring moderately entertaining cameos from Lil Wayne, Pete Wentz, and Tyga’s cousin Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes — below.) Don’t you agree?