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The latest books by EW writers

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EW senior writer Shirley Halperin has teamed with former High Times editor Steve Bloom to produce Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life (paperback), which includes commentary from celeb marijuana enthusiasts: Tommy Chong writes the forward, Redman provides blunt-rolling lessons, and American Idol‘s Bo Bice compiles a best-of toker song list. “I was more interested in the person than the plant,” says Halperin, 35. “I felt [the culture] really hadn’t been covered in a book.” Pot Culture won’t be the last cannabis-centric effort from the duo, who plan to write The Ultimate Stoner Movie Guide and a stoner travel guide. “This is definitely a culture that’s not going away,” she says.

Ugly Betty‘s Betty Suarez might own a non-workplace-friendly wardrobe, but she’s still a good professional role model. At least that’s what EW editorial assistant Tanner Stransky argues in his TV-infused career advice book, Find Your Inner Ugly Betty. “Betty is a person who didn’t always know exactly what to do, but was very confident about it,” says Stransky, 24. “She would just tackle something. I think that’s a great lesson.” Stransky also highlights other television icons — The Office‘s Michael Scott is a model for how not to talk in the workplace, while The Mary Tyler Moore Show represents ways to deal with a challenging boss. Suddenly, we don’t feel so guilty about being couch potatoes.