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Raise the Dead

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Phantom Planet

Raise The Dead

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In Season
Pop, Rock

We gave it a B+

Reportedly inspired by the music of cult leaders Charles Manson and David Koresh, songs of spiritual unease fill the fourth album from Phantom Planet, the once-sunny tunesmiths behind ”California,” that indelible O.C. theme song. Thankfully, this L.A.-based quartet pierces the gloom with winsome melodies and swelling, thunderous choruses. While the downbeat ”Leader” entrances with Arcade Fire-type flourishes (and a children’s chorus), tracks like the riotous ”Do the Panic” rock to the apocalypse with élan. For all the angst, Raise the Dead is ultimately uplifting. B+
DOWNLOAD THIS: Hear ”Do the Panic” at Phantom Planet’s MySpace page