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"Survivor" takes a beating

”Survivor” takes a beating — This season, contestants are kicked, and cut, bruised, and broken, on and off the island

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We’re only halfway through this season of Survivor: Micronesia, and already the bodies are more bruised than the egos. Here’s a blow-by-blow recap.

The season’s premier punching bag (a.k.a. Eliza) gets things off to a messy start when she topples headfirst over a moving cart during the inaugural immunity challenge. (Feb. 7)

Chet is dragged through sludge by impatient, grunting tribemate Joel during a capture-the-flag contest that turns violent. (See also: Jonathan’s cut leg; Parvati’s busty — oops, busted — lip.) (March 6)

For once, it wasn’t his mouth that got Jonathan in trouble: Still suffering from his leg wound, the bloviator blubbers around camp in agony before eventually ditching the island. (March 13)
PAIN LEVEL Unbearable

Ozzy’s shaggy Mini-Me (a.k.a. Erik) takes an ill-advised shortcut that sends him flying chest-first into a platform, ensuring that Jonny Fairplay would not be the most painful thing you saw all season. (April 3)
PAIN LEVEL Hair-raising