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Five Fun Things Online

”Battlestar Galactica” episode guides, best movie bodyguards, and where to get your ”Idol” fix

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1. ‘Galactica’ Episode Guides
The final chapter of this fan-frakking-tastic show (starring Mary McDonnell and Tricia Helfer) will begin in April. In between sobs, we get you up to speed on past seasons.

2. Best Onscreen Protectors
Since Drillbit Taylor‘s bodyguard (Owen Wilson) can’t be relied on to keep anyone safe, we tally the toughest film security. The Bodyguard‘s Kevin Costner is a given.

3. Squirmworthy Films
We present 16 of the hardest-to-watch scenes in cinema history (see: A Clockwork Orange). Because we care.

4. You Say You Wanna Talk ‘Survivor’?
So do Dalton Ross and Josh Wolk. EW’s TV authorities take time out of their busy days to chat about each episode. From scathing commentary to interviews with the dearly (or not-so-dearly) departed, Survivor Talk has what you need.

5. 24-Hour ‘Idol’
What, two nights of American Idol every week aren’t enough for you? (We won’t judge.) Welcome to the Michael Slezak zone, where Idolatry videos, TV Watches, and Power Lists await.