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Hollywood and hookers, sittin' in a tree...

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Shootemup_l*-*-*-*-i-n-g. That’s fairly evident from today’s gallery about the 25 best turners of tricks on film. Hats off to Gary Susman for enduring what must have been a positively grueling research sesh to compile that. But God, Gary, only 25? There are so many more awesome prostitutes than that. Like Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, or Monica Bellucci’s lactating mom hooker in Shoot ‘Em Up (pictured). And while we’re on the subject of dairy, Melanie Griffith in Milk Money. As a side note, ever since seeing the Alfie remake, I’ve been walking around convinced that Jude Law (not necessarily his character) is a hooker. Weird. Discuss. Who’d we miss?

addCredit(“Monica Bellucci: James Dittiger”)