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What has Jack Bauer been doing?

We imagine what the ”24” hero has been doing in the time that he’s not on the air

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Fox may be planning a prequel to the 2009 season of 24, giving viewers a chance to find out what Jack Bauer has been up to during all those minutes his show was off the air. But why wait? We make some educated guesses.

10:24 Tending to his Prize-Winning Orchids
When not gouging out the eyes of terrorists, Jack’s thumb has been known to turn a little green.

2:49 Learning the Soulja Boy Dance
With a roundhouse kick here and an uppercut there, the routine can be both hip and deadly.

5:33 Joining JDate
Oy! Did he really spend a month trolling this site before realizing it’s not for singles whose first names begin with J?

9:07 Playing Guitar Hero III
Still a beginner, Jack has yet to master ”Barracuda.” But we hear he does a mean ”Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”