March 13, 2008 at 09:25 PM EDT

I’ve enjoyed Jason Segel on Freaks and Geeks and How I Met Your Mother, but it wasn’t until this morning, when I read in Variety that he’s co-writing a new Muppet movie, that I “liked him.” That’s just cool. The kind of cool that’s even cooler because it’s kinda not cool. If you know what I mean.

According to the article, Segel originally hooked up with the Henson folks when they custom-made puppets for his upcoming film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, costarring Kristen Bell: “Segel’s character writes a Dracula musical performed by puppets.” Sure. Why not.

No word yet on his Muppet movie plot. What kind of trouble should Miss Piggy get herself into?

addCredit(“Jason Segel: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images; Miss Piggy: Katy Winn/Getty Images”)

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