EW Staff
March 07, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

· Unicorns make comeback; rainbows still awaiting their big break
· Bullseye’s constant: Lost is excellent this season
· God saved the Queen! The Other Boleyn Girl scores, as does a 20/20 report on the royals

Near Misses
· New X-Files movie trailer: just as shadowy as the show — literally!
· Israel and Palestine take note: Disney’s Miley Cyrus to perform at Nickelodeon awards show
· Mario Lopez to join A Chorus Line: It’s like a gay fever dream

· The judges on Oprah’s Big Give: a chef, footballer, and celeb-spouse. Was Gayle really too busy?
· Oscar honeymoon ends early for Marion Cotillard.
· Another thing Earl Hickey must atone for: letting Paris Hilton guest-star on his show.

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