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Is Stephen Colbert the new Paul McCartney?

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Thoughts after seeing Stephen Colbert and John Legend compete for Lady Liberty’s affections by duetting on “The Girl Is Mine” last night:

1) Why couldn’t Michael Jackson have gotten these guys for his 25th-anniversary Thriller reissue, instead of those sad, sad will.i.am/Akon/Kanye remixes?

2) John Legend is much funnier than I would have expected — he’s got enough sardonic facial expressions to launch a sitcom.

3) Likewise, Colby really oughta consider a serious singing career. Dude nails those harmony parts in the last few choruses. (Not that that should come as a surprise.)

4) Lady Liberty is one lucky gal.

All in all, a genius moment — and proof that Colbert is definitively back. Wouldn’t you say?