EW Staff
February 22, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

· Indiana Jones trailer: Makes you feel like you’re 12 again — in the best way possible
· Excited women fake Turkish oil wrestling on The L Word

Near Misses
· Bored women fake being lesbians on Big Brother
· The Hulk goes red: Angry ’cause Iron Man looks so cool?
· Cage match! Kathleen vs. Nic

· In sanitizing Showtime’s Dexter, CBS resorts to ”motherlover
· Martha buys Emeril…Millions of chickens and cows quake in fear.
· Doris Roberts and Ashley Tisdale will fend off aliens in They Came From Upstairs. Even we couldn’t make that up.
· The sheer existence of a Lisa Rinna bobblehead.

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