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Am I hallucinating this unbelievably awesome movie?

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Artiebucco_lCan you guys do me a quick favor? Just click on this link and tell me if you see the same story that I see there, because I’m starting to think it might be an addled byproduct of the flu-y symptoms I have coming on at the moment.

What I’m seeing: They’re making a movie called Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead, starring underappreciated Sopranos alum John Ventimiglia (pictured) as a Shakespeare-adapting playwright/vampire. (Artie Bucco! As a vampire!) The supporting cast includes another of my all-time favorite character actors, Jeremy Sisto, as an incompetent cop, and Ralph Macchio as a mobster, which pretty much speaks for itself. And the film’s being scored by Sean Lennon, another underrated fave of mine.

All in all, I give this project a 20% chance of actually existing in the fact-based world. What do you say — is that Hollywood Reporter story there on the other end of that link, or did my flu-like virus make it up? And if it’s true, are you half as excited about it as I am?