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'Lost' characters could rescue you on Valentine's Day

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Lostlove_lHere’s a potentially relationship-saving tip for any PopWatchers out there who’ve been caught by surprise on this 14th of February. If your paramour is passionate about certain ABC primetime shows, send an instant e-valentine,via abc.com, featuring your favorite Lost, Ugly Betty, or Grey’s Anatomy character. There are 12 options for each show, and while these obviously double as mini-ads reminding fans to tune in, they’re a way to confirm for a loved one that you totally get how much they adore John Locke or Justin Suarez or Dr. Izzy Stevens.

I’ve been with the same wonderful valentine for many years, and maybe we’re over it, but tonight we’re eschewing the old five-course candlelight dinner on the town for Lost (pictured). Intellectual seduction, it’s powerful stuff! (Let it be known, however, that an e-card featuring Ben Linus surrounded by hearts is no substitute for buying me chocolate. I have cash if you need some.) Take a moment and tell us, PopWatchers: What are you doing on the allegedly-most-romantic night of the year? Extra “rebel” points if your plans are not at all romantic.