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Super Bowl movie ads

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With Iron, Leather, and Drillbits, Hollywood spoke directly to The Man last weekend. No wonder — millions of ’em were watching the Super Bowl. Below, a look at the ads that muscled their way into the breaks.

Drillbit Taylor
Blink and you missed a skimpy 30-second peek at the latest film co-written by Seth Rogen. Still, it’s great to see Owen Wilson again, even if it’s just as a bodyguard for three dorks who pay him $387 a week.
>WOW FACTOR: Not much (uh, is the marketing budget $387 too?).

Iron Man
Can anyone challenge Bruce Wayne or Indy? Hell, yeah. Robert Downey Jr.’s metallic superhero is badass, especially when he outduels a nasty tank. Gold-plated costars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard should help Iron Man soar.
>WOW FACTOR: See you in line!

Gridiron galoots slamming into each other in the mud is a good start, but all that roughhousing doesn’t quite capture the spirit of this allegedly screwball rom-com. Bonus points for the Harry Kalas voice-over, though.
>WOW FACTOR: A field goal, not a TD.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
It looks like this Narnia follow-up — filled with threatening CG creatures and LOTR-style battle scenes — aims to be more savage than its predecessor. Hope it rouses us from our fantasy fatigue.
>WOW FACTOR: Mere déjà view.

Who cares about the teaser? Will Ferrell shined in a Bud Light spot that featured his Semi-Pro alter ego Jackie Moon trumpeting the Afro-disiacal magic behind the brew.
>WOW FACTOR: Mmmm…Afro-delicious.

Disney lined up Woody and Buzz Lightyear to endorse Pixar’s next big star — an inquisitive, playful robot named Wall·E, who has more fun wrangling with a vacuum than anyone since Astaire.
>WOW FACTOR: Nifty new-millennium cuteness. Now where’s Toy Story 3?