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Five fun things online

The 2008 Grammys, ”Lost,” and more

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1. The Grammys
We’re on the scene at music’s biggest night, live-blogging the ceremony, grading the performances (did Beyonc√© rock the house?), and more.

2. Meta Film Magic!
Movies are cool. But movies about making movies are on a whole different level of cool. We run down our favorites, including Ed Wood.

3. Resurrected TV
Still mourning Firefly and Freaks and Geeks? Readers name the shows they’d like back on the air.

4. Pop Culture Blind Spots
We’ve all got those movies and TV shows we should’ve seen, CDs we should’ve heard, and books we should’ve read. Now, PopWatchers give us their own missed lists.

5. ‘Lost’: Found!
The indomitable Doc Jensen is back with more eerily prescient theories about the hit show. Maybe he knows why Locke is so crazy…