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Bill Cosby's rapping

Bill Cosby’s rapping — The music industry weighs in on the comedian’s upcoming rap album

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We asked some of today’s biggest hip-hop producers to add their two cents to State of Emergency, Bill Cosby’s upcoming disc of consciousness-raising rap (no, really!)

will.i.am (The Black Eyed Peas, Common, Nas)
”I’d take a scene from The Cosby Show when they were working with Stevie Wonder and make a song out of it. When Stevie Wonder sings ‘Jammin’ on a one, j-jammin’ on a one, jammin’ on a one, j-j-jammin’ on a one’ — remember that? That’s when samplers were like, ‘Woooow!”’

Dallas Austin (Janet Jackson, Leona Lewis)
”I’d probably get Bobby McFerrin to do all the beats with his mouth, then add live instruments. I think it has to be something really off the map. Harmonicas and blues guitars, then let Cosby do his thing over it.”

Swizz Beatz (DMX, Busta Rhymes, Beyoncé)
”I would stick to what they know him for, which is Fat Albert. I would take that [theme] and flip it — then, for the verses, make it kind of dreamy, and go back to the hook with a bunch of his ad-libs. It would be crazy. At the end, I’d put ‘Hip-hop lives, hey, hey, hey!’ You know hip-hop lives when you have somebody like Bill Cosby doing a rap album.” — Leah Greenblatt and Simon Vozick-Levinson