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''Idol'': Audition fame/shame!

With season 7 auditions heating up, we look back at the best and worst of last season’s tryouts — including the rollergirls, the ”other door,” and that totally unnecessary crotch shot

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Some American Idol auditions are memorable for great singing, others for their hilarity. But the group audition by Ebony Jointer, Ashley Cleland, and Heather Rennie — all sporting Frisco Car Hop uniforms — had plenty of both. Certainly, Jointer’s spot-on rendition of ”I Believe in You and Me” was one of the season’s best first impressions, but Simon’s deadpan ”Were” — regarding Ebony’s assertion that she and her less-talented coworkers are friends — was downright inspired. Likewise, we’ll not soon forget Paula’s amused/rageful response when Ashley thanked her for ”motherly advice” about makeup application; we’re betting the kid will have plenty of time to perfect her look once she’s cut during Hollywood week.