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How the strike effects your health

How the strike effects your health — ”Celebrity Rehab”’s Dr. Drew Pinsky gives tips to TV viewers

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How the strike effects your health

What are some withdrawal symptoms that entertainment addicts might experience?
Will you allow me to embed my tongue in my cheek? Well, any overt withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches, headaches, vomiting, irritability, agitation, hearing voices, suicidal ideation — those would require medical attention.

How would you treat strike-related maladies?
Some people might need shock therapy; it depends how severe their depression gets. In terms of managing your addiction, once you’re through the acute withdrawal phase, I suggest you begin speaking to your spouse again. Those of you who have forgotten your children, you might think about doing outdoor activities with them, particularly activities that raise your heartbeat above 40.

Do you think the strike could actually be beneficial to viewers’ health?
Anything that moves us away from television is beneficial. Be careful of shame spirals into reality television — though don’t miss VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, since that will give you some idea of where you might be headed should you cross addictions into chemicals.