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''One Tree Hill'''s time jump

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”One Tree Hill”’s time jump


The brooding basketball player and budding writer (Chad Michael Murray) accepted a coaching gig at a tiny local college to stay near his family.
Working Division 14 hoops naturally led him to write a best-selling novel; now editor/girlfriend Lindsey (Michaela McManus) is pressuring him to finish a second. Whhile dealing with writer’s block, he’s coaching his old Tree Hill b-ball team.


Setting her love for Lucas aside, Peyton (Hilarie Burton) — the artsy and often dejected one of the bunch — headed to L.A. to intern at a record company.
Having quit her music job after a run-in with her sleazy boss, she’s come back home to Tree Hill to get reacquainted with morality. Conveniently enough, rich BFF Brooke has invested in Peyton’s own record label. . .which will be just like an L.A. label, only less handsy.


The fiery, slightly promiscuous cheerleader (Sophia Bush) became an amateur clothing designer and nabbed a contract with Victoria Secret.
At 21, she’s the head of her own multimillion-dollar clothing brand and has her own magazine. Feeling unfulfilled, she decided to pack up her stilettos and leave NYC. But which fashion hub did she move to? Hey, how about the very plot-convienient?Tree Hill?!?

Nathan & Haley

Married in high school, the basketball MVP (James Lafferty) and the brainy ”Tutor Girl” (Bethany Joy Galeotti) had a son on graduation day.
Haley’s teaching at — all together now — Tree Hill High, while Nathan’s pro dreams were dashed after a bar fights left him temporarily paralyzed. Now son James (Jackson Brundage) is old enough to be off the bottle, but Nathan is sucking on a different one.


Marvin ”Mouth” McFadden (Lee Norris) lacked talent in the dating department, so he focused on another endeavor instead: sports broadcasting.
The token nice guy’s still hanging with his ubiquitous sidekicks (like Antwon Tanner’s Skills) while unsuccessfully trying to land an on-air reporting job. If only he were open to options beyond a three-mile radius of Tree Hill. But no one on this show ever is.