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Just asking: When do Bravo's reality stars shower?

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Tyson_lSo, I’m watching the season premiere of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel last night and Tyson Beckford (pictured, with cohost Niki Taylor) wakes up the 12 contestants at 7 a.m. and tells them that they have 20 minutes to get ready for a go-see. Are these models superhuman when it comes to bathing, or do they just not get to shower? I found myself contemplating this exact same question earlier this season during Project Runway, when Tim Gunn told his designers to rise and shine and get their butts downstairs immediately.

While you ponder that question, allow me to give you another (from Alynda Wheat): Couldn’t the clothing that Tyson asked the models to burn, with some bulls— about starting anew, have been donated to charity? Maybe Ronnie would have found parting with his expensive suit easier that way. (I said maybe.)