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How low should stars go to promote their movies?

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Nodeal_lSo yesterday at 9:31 a.m., I received a forwarded e-mail from a coworker with the subject line “Corey Feldman on Deal or No Deal” and the simple message “Merry Christmas, Mandi!” Apparently, the Jan. 6 episode of the Howie Mandel-hosted game show (pictured) is ’80s-themed, and the Lost Boy is the surprise celebrity guest. Naturally, I wanted to use this news as a peg for a “Who’d be your celebrity Deal or No Deal support system?” post. (I’d go with Dolly Parton. I imagine she’d put the Banker in a good mood.)

My editor, however, had a more pressing question: What if real stars, not wanting to cross WGA picket lines after the late-night shows return next week, actually have to stoop to this level to promote their projects? It’s not crazy-talk. According to a recent piece in The New York Times, “Strong-arming marquee stars to participate in more stunts is a delicate topic, but studios are starting to discuss it. Among the ideas are cameos on game shows like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? or stints as a guest meteorologist on local news programs.”

Okay, actually, I’m kinda digging that meteorologist idea, but what about you? Have you missed seeing stars peddle their films on late-night TV? What would you recommend studios do if they really want to reach you and late-night isn’t an option?   

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