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Countdown! The 25 best fansites

They’re sites made by fans for fans — obsessively tracking every episode, casting announcement, and live gig from our favorite TV shows, films, and musicians. We’ve whipped up the 25 sites that truly put the .com (or .net, or .org) in community

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Mark Hamill, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

25. Star Wars

Launch Date September 1997

What You’ll Find Well, pretty much everything. For starters: the latest Star Wars news, info about cool collectibles (we want one of those R2-D2 soy sauce bottles!), and a vast array of fan-made films. Impressive. Most impressive.

Why It’s Essential To the far-flung members of the global Star Wars community, the site exerts an energy field similar to the Force itself, binding the fan galaxy together in a bunch of lively and newbie-friendly forums on topics such as role playing and the seemingly never-ending expansion of the Star Wars universe into other media.

Official Site starwars.com
This handsome and easy-to-navigate site offers a huge database of official Star Wars info (who’s Tion Medon? What life exists on the planet of Felucia?). A ”Hyperspace” membership — which includes first looks at new projects and discounts at the online store — costs $14.95 a year. Even at its basic level, though, the official site perfectly complements the force. — Wook Kim