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Celebrity's worst web videos

Celebrities worst web videos — We recap the unflattering footage of stars David Hasselhoff, Faith Hill, and more

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Celebrity’s worst web videos

David Hasselhoff 5.04.07
In perhaps the year’s most uncomfortable video, the Hoff messily scarfs a hamburger while his daughter pleads with him to stop drinking.

Beyoncé 7.24.07
After taking a tumble while performing in Orlando, the singer — who hopped right back up — asks fans not to post vids of the fall online. Sorry, B!

Faith Hill 7.28.07
An overzealous fan gets a tongue-lashing from Mrs. McGraw during a Louisiana concert: ”You don’t go grabbing…somebody’s husband’s balls!”

Katie Couric 11.08.07
Mocking a video of Dan Rather preening, she fusses with her coat before a shoot. She jokes that Rather, who criticized her newscast, ”deserves a little payback.”