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Can you guess the top independent artist of 2007?

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Pop quiz, hot shots: Rank the following folks in the order they finished on this year’s Billboard Top Independent Artists chart, which combines radio play, album sales, and tour $$.

The Eagles
Arcade Fire
Jason Aldean
Elliott Yamin
Little Big Town
The Shins
Garth Brooks

The answer’s after the jump.

Aldean_l1. Jason Aldean
2. The Shins
3. Elliott Yamin
4. Little Big Town
5. The Eagles
6. Garth Brooks
7. Arcade Fire

I enjoy me some Aldean as much if not more than the next gal — click below to play “Johnny Cash,” which I embed in lieu of finding an embeddable copy of “Amarillo Sky” — but never figured to see him on the top of that list, especially given the competition and my affectionate opinion that he suffered from a little sophomore-itis with the rest of this year’s Relentless. But hey, cowboy, big congrats; now make me a new record. As for you, The Shins, way to keep that Sub Pop magic alive. I embed “Phantom Limb” in your honor. The rest of you get nothing. Sorry. Do better next time.