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EW.com's top 10 searches of 2007

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Lost_lLast week, Yahoo announced that Britney Spears topped the portal’s 2007 list of its users’ top 10 search queries. Other individuals in the top 10: Paris Hilton (No. 3), Beyoncé (No. 5), Lindsay Lohan (No. 6), Fergie (No. 9), and Jessica Alba (No. 10). Which made me wonder: what would the list look like for EW.com’s search engine this year? According to our internal tracking, these were the 10 most popular searches this year on EW.com:

1. Lost (pictured)
2. Heroes
3. The Office
4. Stephen King
5. Sopranos
6. “Doc Jensen”
7. 24
8. Harry Potter
9. American Idol
10. The Hills

Britney doesn’t appear until No. 49.

What does this mean? First, that you guys really, really like Lost. (No. 6, of course, refers to EW.com essayist Jeff Jensen’s Lost-centric “Doc Jensen” columns.) Second, you really like TV, more than movies (only Harry Potter — and maybe, Stephen King — count in that direction) and more than music (only Idol qualifies there). Third, you’re much more interested in projects than in celebrities; the only real-life individuals in the top 10 are both EW columnists. Finally, you’re not much interested in gossip.

Tell us, who or what have you searched for this year on EW.com? What pop culture searches do you find yourself conducting most often, here or elsewhere?

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