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Who's your 2007 fashion icon?

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Urie_lYes, it’s time for another edition of Create a Year-End List. Today’s focus: Fashion icons. Do you spend long, boring meetings at work daydreaming about the dazzling wardrobe of a particular character from a movie or TV show? Or conversely, is there a real-life celeb whose red-carpet duds always leave you salivating?

For me, it’s Ugly Betty‘s Marc St. James, the human embodiment of the word “dapper.”(He’s pictured here wearing PopWatch’s pick for Fall TV’s Best Outfit.) It’s doubtful Marc could afford a closet full of threads this chic on a magazine assistant’s salary,but maybe he cashed in that SUV Willie bought for him back in season 1and blew the whole stack at Bergdorf Goodman. Also, the hair? The perfect combination of technical difficulty and artistic impression.

Still, I’m guessing those of you opposed to mixing a multitude of plaids in one total look see things a little differently. So if not Marc, then tell me, who’s your 2007 fashion icon?