EW Staff
December 07, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST


* Why isn’t Brad Pitt the mayor of New Orleans?

* 30 Rock coins a sexual orientation we can finally all agree on: Gay for Jamie

* Imus’ new sidekick Karith Foster is Southern, Oxford-educated, and Jewish: our type of gal?

Near Misses

* Love Tom Petty, but at the Super Bowl?

* To quote Paula Abdul: Two steps forward…two steps back. Elizabeth Berkley on CSI: Miami and a Bravo reality show

* To P.S. I Love You, P.S. We hate your commercials


* Plug your ears. Ashlee Simpson has a new single that even Timbaland can’t save

* Richard Dreyfuss as the drugged-out wizard in Tin Man

* Worst Christmas book ever: Fartsy Claus

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