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Guest stars on ''Extras''

Guest stars on ”Extras” — We look at the four stars that Ricky Gervais recruited for the final of his HBO series

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Guest stars on ”Extras”

For the 80-minute series finale of HBO’s Extras (Dec. 16, 9 p.m.), Ricky Gervais has assembled an impressive roster of self-mocking guest stars. And much like the series, these celeb cameos fall into four distinct categories.

George Michael
The Randy One
Bumps into Andy Millman (Gervais) while cruising a London park for anonymous gay sex.
In the Footsteps of. . .
Kate Winslet, counseling Maggie (Ashley Jensen) on phone sex (”I’d love it if you stuck your Willy Wonka between my Oompa-Loompas”); Daniel Radcliffe, who proudly waved a condom and bragged, ”I’ve done it with a girl, intercourse-wise.”

Clive Owen
The Arrogant Bastard
When Maggie is cast as a whore opposite Owen, the actor protests to the director, ”I would never pay for a prostitute who looked like that,” right in front of her.
In the Footsteps of. . .
Ben Stiller, drifting from a tribute to a war refugee into a rundown of his own stellar grosses; Chris Martin, who relent lessly tried to plug a Coldplay album while shooting a PSA.

Gordon Ramsay
The Bully
Refusing to help Andy get into a restaurant, the fiery chef calls him a ”catchphrase-shouting, wig-wearing wannabe!”
In the Footsteps of. . .
David Bowie, who more quietly mocked Andy with an impromptu tune: ”Fat man who sold his soul…chubby little loser”; Vinnie Jones, threatening to beat up Andy’s costar for telling people he’s ”harder” than Jones.

Lionel Blair
British Celeb Whom American Viewers Stare At Blankly
The actor/dancer/ex-host of the British Name That Tune cohabits with Andy on a Celebrity Big Brother-esque reality show.
In the Footsteps of. . .
Ross Kemp, star of longtime Brit soap EastEnders (and Vinnie Jones target); tiny Scottish comic Ronnie Corbett (The Two Ronnies), who snorted coke in a bathroom stall.