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The 'Heroes' plot device that's ready for retirement!

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Heroes_l SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you didn’t see last night’s Heroes mid-season finale. Seriously.

If you did catch it, I’m awarding the trophy for most played-out plot device to…the miraculous healing of characters who’ve suffered gunshot wounds. In the past three episodes, including last night’s finale, four characters have benefited from the shot-then-not treatment.

Granted, we knew that Peter and Adam would heal from the bullets fired by Victoria Pratt, but c’mon writers, don’t revive Maya (who should’ve stayed dead) from a blast to the chest, two episodes after HRG rallied from a bullet in the eye. It’s just cheap, especially considering we already saw Kensei/Adam heal from his arrow wounds early in the season, and DL and Matt Parkman survive their respective shootings at the end of season one. Does Tim Kring feel like he can temporarily kill off anybody, since there’s the safety net of Claire’s regenerative blood? (Hey, remember when she got shot, then bounced back, in season one?) At this rate, maybe gunned-down Nathan (seeing a trend yet?) will return in new episodes having been healed by Peter, Claire, or some really good off-screen surgery.

Are you ready for this plot device to go the way of Eden McCain? And what other cheap tactics have you pulling your hair out?