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Our cheat-sheet on ''Spice World''

Our cheat-sheet on ”Spice World” — Follow this quick guide to the fashion and essential quotes in the Spice Girls’ 1998 film

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Our cheat-sheet on ”Spice World”

Yo, we’ll tell you what we want, what we really, really want: to bask anew in the goofy appeal of 1998’s Spice World. Full of random cameos (Hugh Laurie, is that you?), the special-edition DVD arrives just in time for the band’s reunion tour and greatest-hits CD. Below, a girl-power primer.

The Look Understated fashionista. Her ”little Gucci dress” and sleek bob still look chic. The ‘Tude Diva. In World, Posh declines to join the others on a ropes course, sashaying past in fatigue-print hot pants and spiky heels. The Talk ”Don’t touch my wardrobe.”

The Look A dizzying array of catsuits in colors not found in nature. The ‘Tude Uninhibited. Scary’s distinctive Leeds accent gives everything — including a disquisition on tropical fish — a comic edge. The Talk ”Maybe I should just stop being loud.”

The Look Ginger sets off her striped red mane with a series of garish, frequently feathered getups. The ‘Tude Demanding. She revels in bossing around everyone, from her bandmates to laboring moms-to-be. The Talk ”I’m going to slap you in a minute.”

The Look Teensy slip dresses plus platinum pigtails and an ever-present lollipop make Baby the cutest kindergartner over age 20. The ‘Tude Supersweet. When a cop tries to bust the girls, one smile from Baby melts his ire. The Talk ”Hands off my fluffy toys.”

The Look Tracksuits, tank tops, and trainers. The ‘Tude No-nonsense. Lifting weights on the Union Jack’d, Meat Loaf-driven double-decker tour bus, Sporty seems the most at home in her Spice Girl persona. The Talk ”Boys? Doesn’t ring a bell.”