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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

Write or Wrong?
Fans, workers, and writers and actors who just got their big break are the biggest victims of the strike.
Felicia Allen
Kansas City, Mo.

After reading about the writers’ strike (”Striking Home”), I had one thought: While sitcoms, dramas, talk shows, movies, and performers make up the body of the entertainment industry, the writers are the blood of that body.
Staci Bigelow
Lunenburg, Mass.

Is it possible for any side of any strike not to come off as greedy, selfish jerks? I have no sympathy whatsoever for either the WGA or the AMPTP. But hey, at least we’ll be getting American Gladiators again.
Chris Dees
Orange Park, Fla.

Rambling Man
What a treat to read ”Midnight Rambler,” an interview with someone of real substance. I have been a fan of Levon Helm’s for 40 years, and have rarely seen an article about him in a mainstream publication.
Michael Hedrick
Lake Jackson, Tex.

Levon Helm brings so much life to his music and his movie characters. I used to think that if I could go back in time to see just one concert, it would be the Last Waltz show he did with The Band. After reading this, I think my dream concert might just be one of Helm’s barn parties.
Ed Felker
Lovettsville, Va.

Male Bonding
I was shaken and stirred by ”The Spy Who Raised Me,” which literally brought tears to my eyes because it so closely mirrored my own ongoing fascination with the James Bond series.
Gregory Nicoll

This was the all-time best EW piece ever! My first Bond film was From Russia With Love, and my best friend and I tried to build a gadget-filled briefcase in his basement (it didn’t go so well). Thanks for reminding me.
Mark Steinborn
Las Cruces, N.M.

Vive la France!
”French Toast” (Movies) brought back divine memories of 1982’s fantastique French film Diva. I fell in love with it during a total-immersion summer program. Thanks for helping me feel part of a special in-the-know crowd of Diva fans!
Lauren Brownstein
Silver Spring, Md.

The Cool Quotient
Loved Stephen King’s essay on cool versus not cool (The Pop of King). But you know what is the epitome of uncool? Mr. King using the juvenile and overused phrase ”my bad.” Uncool for a person of his stature.
Tim Crescenti
Valencia, Calif.

I laughed out loud at some of the cool and noncool references Mr. King made, and I even thought about his own work with a chuckle. Carrie: cool. Dreamcatcher: not cool.
Pamela Siclari
Coral Springs, Fla.