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Shameless plug alert: Hooshere Bezdikian's 'Kele Lao' on 'Life'

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By now, you’ve probably gotten used to my shameless plugs for Jody Watley, Ugly Betty, and Fantasia Barrino, but today, I wanted to call your attention to a musical artist who’s near and dear to all of us here at PopWatch: Hooshere Bezdikian, executive producer for EW.com.

Hooshere’s song “Kele Lao” (an ancient Armenian folk song that she completely revamped/recreated for her Provenance CD) was recently featured in a pivotal scene of NBC’s drama Life. (Unfortunately, the producers used a different song for the version that aired Nov. 7 on NBC, but swapped in Hooshere’s track for the online version; it’ll also be on the Life season-one DVD, when that presumably hits stores next year.) Anyhow, in the episode, a Persian drug dealer gets kidnapped, and his captors want access to his records, which can only be retrieved by reaching the tenth level of a complicated video game. When Charlie (Damian Lewis) and his team fail to crack the game, they turn to the dealer’s sister for help. Only problem? In order to help the cops save her brother’s life, she’ll have to implicate him as a narcotics dealer.

Hooshere, who didn’t find out her song had been licensed until after the episode aired, said it was like “an out-of-body experience” when she realized the show’s producers hadn’t just run a snippet of “Kele Lao,” but instead let it run for almost 110 seconds. I realize we’re all a little biased — without Hooshere, PopWatch would still be running on the power of 10 hamsters and a mid-sized wheel — but nonetheless, I thought it was worth showing off the pivotal Life scene and letting you all hear “Kele Lao” for yourselves. Enjoy, and congrats to Hooshere!