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What pop-culture debates arose at your Thanksgiving table?

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Superup_lThanksgiving, they say, is a time to gather with loved ones and count the year’s many blessings. This may be true for some, but in my family, Thanksgiving is a time to immerse ourselves in several rounds of intense pop-culture debate. This year, even before dinner even began, controversial issues arose. Which was funnier: Knocked Up (pictured, bottom) or Superbad (top)? Jenna noted that the delivery scene in Knocked Up was kind of gross. Several concurred. Then my brother, Kip, contributed: “Superbad seemed very homoerotic.” This assertion prompted the elders of the family to ask what “homoerotic” meant, which lead to a discussion of Brokeback Mountain and the decline of gay-themed films in Hollywood, which lead to my grandmother looking uncomfortable.

There wasn’t a clear winner on the Knocked Up vs. Superbad debate, but later, over dinner, we seemed to reach a consensus on the issue of The Office vs. Grey’s Anatomy. We argued which was better for those who weren’t privileged with a DVR: watching Grey’s Anatomy on TV, then catching The Office online, or vice-versa? The general feeling: ABC.com’s streaming video player offers a better quality picture, NBC should improve screen resolution of their player to provide an optimal viewing experience, and therefore, one should watch The Office on television and wait to watch Grey’s Anatomy when posted on the web. However, in the event that Grey’s Anatomy has a particularly enticing preview, the aforementioned rule is negated; Grey’s Anatomy should be watched in real time, saving The Office for the following day. I guess you could say that my family is pretty serious about entertainment.

As to be expected, the conversation turned to Will Smith and the trailer for I Am Legend. This prompted my mother to mention she has met Will Smith’s mother, something she mentions every time a Will Smith movie is on basic cable (which means, at least once a day.) There was no debate on the casting of Legend. We all agreed that should an apocalypse befall us, Will Smith probably would be the only one to survive.

Then, after dinner, Kip and David announced they were off to see Beowulf, which, of course, started the debate of which is superior: Angelina Jolie, the actress, or Angelina Jolie, the digital animation.

So PopWatchers, what pop-culture debates arose during your Thanksgiving dinners?