Michael Slezak
November 26, 2007 AT 11:05 PM EST

Yesterday, waiting in line in the self-scanning aisle at the A&P, I distracted myself by flipping through a bargain bin of CDs. Just to the left (to the left) of Maria Conchita Alonso’s Mirame, I found Milla Jovovich’s The Divine Comedy. I had totally forgotten the Resident Evil actress ever had a singing career, but seeing the disc brought back memories of her weird little video for “Gentleman Who Fell,” which was a staple on The Box when I first moved to New York City back in 1994.

Maybe it was nostalgia for a time when you could actually find videos on TV 24-7. Maybe it was the unbeatable price — just a dollar or so more than the combined cost of a mango, a 12 oz. bottle of orange juice, and a container of Epsom salts. (Seriously!) Maybe it was the fact that there was no cashier to judge my questionable taste in music. But The Divine Comedy is now part of my varied, scary music collection.

Oh, and before you leave a comment below, check out Jovovich’s video. Because, really, here at PopWatch, we strive to make sure all mockery is informed mockery.

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