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J.K. Rowling's influences on pop culture

J.K.Rowling’s influences on pop culture — The words, foods, and sports that originated from the ”Harry Potter” series

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J.K. Rowling’s influences on pop culture

We all know that J.K. Rowling’s series has influenced reading habits. Now let’s take a look at some other phenomena she unwittingly inspired.

A version of the wizards’ pick-me-up — Michelob Light mixed with butterscotch schnapps — has become a frat party staple.

Professional Magicians
Real-life magicians have incorporated Potter into their acts, dipping into divination, levitation, and charms.

Wizard Rock
A magical music genre. Check out the exhaustive wizrocklopedia.com for an overview.

Butter Statue
The Iowa State Fair bestowed its highest honor on the series by immortalizing Harry in butter this past summer.

Oxford English Dictionary
In 2003, the OED added a definition for ”muggle” to mean ”a person who lacks a particular skill or skills.”

Several universities have sanctioned a version of the sport. At Bucknell, players run around with broomsticks between their legs.