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Good Dog. Stay.

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Good Dog. Stay.

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Anna Quindlen
Random House
Memoir, Nonfiction

We gave it a D

I’m not a dog hater. I cosset two ridiculously spoiled mini dachshunds. But I am a dog-book hater. I flung John Grogan’s insipid, sappy Marley & Me across the room. And I detested all the copycats that runaway best-seller has spawned — Jon Katz’s Dog Days and Ted Kerasote’s Merle’s Door, just to name a few. But Anna Quindlen’s Good Dog. Stay. is the worst yet. Stretched to 83 pages, it almost doesn’t count as a book. Instead, it comes across as exactly what it is: a hastily dashed-off, downright craven attempt to cash in on her beloved black Lab, Beau. Surely he deserves better. So do readers. D