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'Made of Honor' trailer: Is this the right career move for Patrick Dempsey?

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Patrick Dempsey has undergone what one could call—if one is prone to understatement—a bit of a career rejuvenation. The dude once best known for silly teen romantic comedies like Loverboy and Can’t Buy Me Love has matured into a legitimate TV actor and full-blown star.

And with this newly discovered currency, what kind of movie does McDreamy choose as his big star vehicle?


The same type of silly romantic comedy he made as a teen.

Yes, it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding, with the sexes swapped. And it’s called Made of Honor. Which, by all indicators, this movie is not. Why not spread your wings and make a drama, or a straight-ahead romance, or something—anything—that doesn’t involve serial pratfalls? Are you with me on this one?