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Snap judgment: Elliott Yamin's 'One Word' video

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I’m what you could probably call a Yaminiac, or at least a Yaminion, considering that I spent most of American Idol‘s fifth season rooting for loveable underdog and eventual third-place finisher Elliott Yamin. And so it was with a combination of surprise and delight that I watched his debut single, “Wait for You,” climb to No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100 — even though the dude is not signed to a major label, and even though its accompanying video was kinda jank.

Now, Elliott is back with a followup, “One Word,” which follows a similar midetempo, pop/R&B template as “Wait for You,” and likewise contains about 25 percent too much vibrato. The accompanying video clip, however, is a massive improvement, in terms of budget, direction, cinematography, and styling. That said, I’m not so blind a fan that I can’t be honest and say Elliott should never again rock the white shirt-white pant-white vest-white shoe-white tie combo. At least not while standing in a white room. Also, that opening setup, with Elliott in a black jacket, and a smaller Elliott dancing in the upper right corner, kind of reminds me of my fifth grade class photo featuring me, and an inset of mini-me! And finally, dude is not much of a dancer.

All that aside, though, I still love ya, Elliott, and I bet that eventually, you’ll sell more records than Nanny Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks combined. What do you think, PopWatchers? Will “One Word” provide a second hit for Elliott Yamin?