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Seven Days in Entertainment

Last week’s biggest events including Jay-Z and Diddy together in concert, Megan Mullaly in ”Young Frankenstein,” and more

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As VH1 would ask: Who had the best week ever? Laura Linney, who was feted by the American Film Institute? Nah, she was nursing a lost voice. Megan Mullally, who stepped out in Young Frankenstein? Wait — her show goes on, but most of Broadway is dark. Okay, Jay-Z, we give it to you. Your album debuted at No. 1!

Gangster Rap
When you’re as big as Jay-Z and Diddy, you don’t need to move. The hip-hop titans joined forces on Jay-Z’s new album, American Gangster, and at his Nov. 11 concert in New York City.

Web Obsession of the Week
Picture it: NBC’s 60th-anniversary special, 1986. Bea Arthur joins Nell Carter and Charlotte Rae, among others, for a performance of Dreamgirls‘ ”Family,” and the most bizarre televised meal ever. You think you’ve seen it all, but then…Punky Brewster shows up. (youtube.com/watch?v=6e25bIHJ8a8)

Laura Linney
The Savages star at the AFI Fest tribute to her career said, ”I am glad they didn’t wait to do this when I was dead and couldn’t enjoy it. Now if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, they’ll be able to say she was honored with an award from AFI in the obit.”

Just Megan
Lucky for Will & Grace‘s Megan Mullally, she’s used to over-the-top. Click here for our review of Mel Brooks’ Broadway musical Young Frankenstein.

Super Sandler
In the comedy You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, now filming, Adam Sandler plays an Israeli commando who fakes his own death so that he can become a hairstylist in New York. Seriously. We shudder to think what costar Rob Schneider will be wearing.

James Gandolfini lays one on his Romance & Cigarettes director John Turturro during a photo shoot. It’s great to see him playing nice.