EW Staff
November 16, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST


* The Amazing Race gives us Goth fever

* No Country for Old Men‘s Javier Bardem: Great performance. Now, about that Dorothy Hamill hair…

* The first single (”Bleeding Love”) from X Factor winner Leona Lewis. Remember her name — fame!

Near Misses

* KFC won’t let a joke die; offers Colbert a swearing-in ceremony at headquarters

* In a medical miracle, Winona Ryder, age 36, plays mom to Zachary Quinto, age 30, in the new Star Trek

* The relentless shilling by Seal and Heidi Klum


* C’mon writers, you need to come up with better strike chants than ”Marcia‘s cross and so are we”

* Dwight’s ongoing cruelty to animals on The Office

* Do we really have to reread Beowulf?

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