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What shows do you record, but never watch?

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Menin_lI have a problem with my DVR — namely, that it’s clogged with 11 episodes of ABC’s Men in Trees (five from this fall, and six from season 1). A sane person might wonder why I continue to give a coveted “series recording” slot to a show that clearly leaves me feeling ambivalent. I mean, there was that whole eight-month hiatus during which I could’ve made a dent in my backlog of this Anne Heche romantic comedy — a period that found me deleting unwatched episodes of The Starter Wife, Dr. Who, MI-5, Law & Order: SVU, Chuck, Reaper, Moonlight, and even my beloved Inside Racing. Which leads me to think there must be some compelling reason I can’t let go of Men in Trees. Could it come down to my fascination with the romantic subplot between Marin’s delightful editor Jane (Seana Kofoed) and superhot Plow Guy (Ty Olsson)? Is this something I should be working out with a therapist? Then again, who has the time with so much good TV to catch up on?

So make me feel better, PopWatchers: Are there shows you record out of habit, but rarely (or never) watch? And what about this Men in Trees? Should I stick with it, or do I need to find the courage to hit the “delete” button this weekend?

addCredit(“Men in Trees: Sergei Bachlakov”)