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Letters from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Letters from our readers

A ‘Gangster’ Paradise
The black-and-white photo of Russell and Denzel captured each actor’s compelling nature.
Chris Mackowski
Limestone, N.Y.

Thanks for the fascinating interview with American Gangster‘s Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe (”Clash of the Titans”). I even bought a second issue to get the Russell-prominent cover. I’m sure you’ll mention the film more come awards season.
Danielle Schultz
West Bend, Wis.

Flower Power
Bionic Woman as one of ”5 New Shows to Watch”? I am officially confused. I would’ve found the hokey dialogue and effects cool in 1994. Why not spread some love to Pushing Daisies? It has a wondrous backstory, characters we care for, and rich attention to detail.
Joe Botten

I’ve kept my pie hole shut long enough. Five new shows to watch and no mention of Pushing Daisies? Time to embrace the quirk and put Ned on the cover.
Luke Geddes
Oshkosh, Wis.

Out Takes
With ”Out of Sight,” the truth finally comes out: Brokeback Mountain lost the Best Picture Oscar due to Hollywood homophobia.
Ira Gilbert
New York City

Brokeback Mountain received more Oscar nods (eight) than any other movie in 2006. The same electorate gave it three Oscars, including directing and screenplay. (No picture won more that year.) If Academy members were recoiling in distaste from Brokeback, as the article suggests, they picked an odd way of showing it.
Bruce Davis
Executive Director, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Some of the films you mentioned (The Crying Game, Boys Don’t Cry, Transamerica) focus on characters who are transgendered, not gay. These are not the same: The former concerns gender identity; the latter, sexual orientation.
Andrew Matzner
Roanoke, Va.

Tapped In
You outdid yourself with two Spinal Tap references (Music)! Between the amp that goes to 11 and the riff on ”none more black” in the Avenged Sevenfold review, I was in Tap heaven. I couldn’t have been happier if you’d referred to spontaneously combusting drummers.
Laura Gallucci
Pitman, N.J.

Couch Jockeying
I always enjoy Sound Bites (Television), but this week, I recognized every entry. Either I’ve optimized my viewing to capture only the best shows or I’m watching entirely too much TV.
Tom Childress
St. Louis