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Is Kellie Pickler the dumbest person on earth, or the bravest?

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Pickler_lI don’t regularly watch Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, butI happened to catch Kellie Pickler’s appearance last night. And I have just one question after watching this: Given her (let’s call it) ditzy persona, how did Kellie Pickler figure out that Franklin Pierce was a U.S. President, but Brigham Young and Johns Hopkins weren’t? Did she talk out the possibility of each choice? Did she consult a Magic 8-ball? If you saw the show, then you know that she relied on the following scientific facts: She has “pierced” ears, and Pickler andPierce both begin with “p.” She also used this masterful reasoning todetermine (wrongly) that the piccolo isa member of the percussion family. Itwas palpably awkward.

In the end, I just felt badfor the American Idol vet. She seemed genuinely ashamed when she pronounced that she “isnot smarter than a 5th grader.” If nothing else, the girl’s got guts for putting herself out there. Remember, she can’t just slink away like thenon-celebrity contestants. But what do you think? All her winnings were donated to charity, but does that justifyher public humiliation?